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on this site you can read the magi stop comic and learn about the webmaster ponymoe!!

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enter the magical girl world with tammy and mina and watch them as they adapt to their new lives inside the Magi Stop arcade game!

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ponymoe here!! thank you for viewing my website!! the site is still in early stages and i will be updating it frequently for fun things to look at and interact with :3

magi stop is a comic about my magical girl characters!!

read the first chapter here!

my magical girl characters mean so much to me so im so excited to share them with everyone! i also plan to use this site as a way to share things abt myself, like my interests and hobbies!

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you can contact me here on instagram! i also have commissions info and my youtube linked in my linktree!!

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digital diary


welcome to my digital diary!!

hello! I updated a few of the backgrounds and colours on the homepage because i realised i havent worked on this site in months, i'll soon create more blogs and i'm hoping to soon start working on a portfolio page for some of the highlights of my work.

it was my birthday on the 19th!! I had a great day and lots of fun!!!

i haven't been working much on chapter 3 recently and it's kind of been off my mind but i'm off college for another month so I will have plenty of spare time to work on it, I'm trying nt to get too stressed about having to finish it for a certain time since it can make me feel so demotivated when i feel like i've kept everyone waiting but i need to keep reminding myself there's no rush!!

I've been thinking a lot recently about starting a small shop to sell keychains and prints because i would love to do that!

thats all for now so byeeee!!!!!!

update log!

23.07.23 ~ updated a few background images and colours

17.04.23 ~ created the blogs page !!!

16.04.23 ~ redesigned the links page and added more links and resources

15.04 ~ about me page added!!

14.04.23 ~ ver 2 of the homepage is ready!