hello! my name is eri, i mainly go my ponymoe online.

I'm from england! I really love art and coding, mainly why i made this site. i love my ocs and that's why i have a comic about them!! they have a hugeeee story to them and i'd love to be able to share my creativity through a comic / series!!

i have a lot of interests, atm my main interests are my little pony, lord of the rings and sharks. Mlp and sharks are two of my special interests, so i have loved them for years, lotr is a new interest so im very fixated on it lol

i also love webcore and 2000s anime

i'm basically a full time artist, i'm doing a full time art course at college and my job is doing commissions!

i love collecting things! mainly small things that just have a memory behind them and that is why my room is full of junk, but i also like collecting things related to my interests . i have a south park collection and a mlp collection. i also collect stickers, i put stickers on everything i love them so much