welcome to the links page!

a very large, colour-coordinated assortment of mini pixels.

cute kawaii resources

a huge collection of graphics to use on your site, pixels, buttons, dividers, banners etc. this is one of my favourite graphics sites to use.

tiles backgrounds/patterns

a tumblr blog full of tiles backgrounds and patters with a lot of different themes.

jasmine weebly materials

a large collection of graphics, pixels, cursors, backgrounds, dividers etc.

cute web graphics

a tumblr blog all about cute web graphics with a lot of really cute ones.


a site with old gifs and graphics from geocities.

code resources

a website for learning html, css and java. it is very helpful, i used it to learn html + css!

RV's free dhtml and java effects

lots of free effects to add to your site when you are unfamiliar with javascript! this one is very helpful since javascript is quite tricky.

code pen

a tool that allows you to view the outcome of your css html and javascript while coding! one of the most helpful tools there is!!

text / fonts
flaming text

a site for generating word art.

bitmap font maker 2

a site for creating and editing fonts.