welcome to the page all about my bed room!!
this blog is about my bedroom!

this photo on the left is from late 2022, and it's basically what my room looks like still, just with my pc now !!!! i have always loved very crowded rooms and i do a lot of collecting so my room is very full of stuff heheh

my room is quite messy atm so i will hopefully clean it soon and add some new posters and then update this blog with some newer photos but for now im going to be using photos from not too long ago!

this is the current state of my desk.. it's super messy and i need to find a place to keep all my junk except just by my pc

i got most of my posters from magazines and by just printing them off myself, the big miku tapestry is from a convention i went to a couple of years ago!!

i spend a lot of time in my room, it's so comforting now that it's exactly how i want it to look and i love it so much! it's one of the reasons why i don't like going abroad that much i just miss my room a ton

this is my favourite part of my room, my shelf!! i love it because i put all of my little trinkets and figures on it and it makes me happy

i have a few dvds that i found in the cupboard, my ponies, a few south park things, a few lego figures, my strawb figure i made, and random things that have memories behind them. i also have two little figures that are me and mai as little dolls, i don't know the brand of the dolls tho.

my newest addition is the legolas figure, i got him a few days ago off ebay and i didn't realise how tall he was i find it funny how hes stood next to all the ponies and girls heheheh

he is defo my fav thing on my shelf atm

i love my shelf but it's very small and so i'm running out of space to put things on it

heres a little close up of him!

i got him for £13 which is insanely cheap since hes pretty old and also so tall

i ebay