welcome to the page all about my wonderful 3DS!
I have a 3DS XL in white that i got from cex as second hand!!

my 3DS is modded, i used the 3DS hacks guide to mod my ds and it was one of my best decisions everrr. if you own a ds i defo reccomend u mod it! especially since the eshop closed sometime in march, and nintendo games are very expensive and some ds games can be really hard to buy! modding your ds also allows you to have custom themes, and an emulator! i have the lucky star ds game on my emulator and i love it!!

i have a lot of games on my ds currently, i have a 32GB sd card so a lot of storage for all my games!! i love collecting games it's so much fun :3

i got this 3DS around febuary of last year after i got a 3DS the christmas before off ebay and it broke after a month and i was devistated, i lost all my games that i had spent over £100 on. that was one of the reasons why i decided to mod this one because i didn't have the money to buy any new games. after my last one breaking i'm so careful with this one, i literally have nightmares where it breaks i love it wayyy too much i have a case for it so it's always safe but i still get so anxious it will break

i make my own themes for my ds but also download themes from the theme plaza i have my themes listed on there you can download them here !!!

these are all the games i currently have installed on my 3DS, my favourites are project mirai, kirby tripple deluxe, mario kart 7 and hello kitty magic apron!

i also have quite a few games on my emulator, the twilight menu. i have らきすた もえどりる kodakawa, おねがい my melody, super princess peach, princess debut, りルぷりつひめチエン , まめごま, コスメちつ and rockin' pretty.

one of my favourite games i have, まめごま!

it's such a cute game i love playing it to cheer me up

the game is in japanese, i'm currently learning to read hiragana but i can navigate the game alright at the moment, it's a very simple game.